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Knowin’ what to throw away and knowin’ what to keep… March 23, 2006

Posted by nebulon in Taiwan, Teaching.

So before we decide that, I should take a look at all the components of the HFRB school I visited which make it effective.
A. Methodology
1. TAQ
2. QAR
3. Spelling Drills
4. Meticuluous and thorough tracking of students’ performance
5. Exacting fault correction on both pronunciation and grammar which directly affects:
6. Taped homework
7. Phonics rules/”Understanding” (classroom, grammar and syntax(?) language)
8. Using Chinese in class to clarify explanations

B. Extrinsic motivational factors
1. frequent short speeches extoling the postive aspects of this kind of class
2. point system, leading to the possibility of excellent gifts/rewards
3. less homework for better performance
4. the knowledge (both parents and students) that continued admittance in the         program and moving to the next level is contingent on  homework performance

It is obvious to me that both these components are equally important. Equally obvious is the
challenge in adopting these for a junior high school program. The question is how to modify them without  loosing the essential. Or better yet, creating a similar environment (both inside and outside the classroom) with different approaches.



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